Plantation® 40 with Deluxe Stand

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Plantation® 60 with Basic Stand

Plantation® 40 with Deluxe Stand

Plantation® 30 with Deluxe Stand

Kettle Tips

The number one concern to have is the depth of any firepit. If it is too deep, then you will not have proper air flow. More smoke and heat will rise vertically instead of laterally, where you want it. The original syrup kettles are nice and work, but are a little too deep.

At Firekettles.com we designed the kettle so you can regulate the heat. Less wood for a small crowd and more wood for a larger crowd. Our kettle depth is perfect for cooking as well.

Our kettles are commercial grade and heavy duty. They will last a lifetime with little to no maintenance. Choose a power coated stand that is very durable. Our deluxe stand allows you to move your kettle anytime and enjoy it’s warmth anywhere on your property.

When it comes to fires in your kettle, bigger is better. Your property and crowd size are major factors as well when choosing the right size kettle.

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The Plantation® 40 and the Plantation® 60 are our best sellers. All Plantation® Kettles feature raised lettering and are made from durable cast iron and will last a lifetime. Ask about our grilling accessories, covers and other options!

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About Firekettles.com

Syrup Kettles were used throughout the South for cooking cane syrup. Now, they are used as Fire Kettles for outdoor fire pits that cut the chill of a cold winter night or create a relaxing addition to any back yard. Firekettles.com offers three sizes of fire kettles made from cast iron. The Plantation® 60 has an outside diameter of 59.5”, the Plantation® 40 has an outside diameter of 47" and the Plantation® 30 has an outside diameter of 35.5”. 

Call us for delivery information. We can deliver locally in SC or ship by LTL carrier to anywhere in the USA. 

Plantation® 60 Fire Kettle: $1,100.00
Plantation® 40 Fire Kettle: $900.00
Plantation® 30 Fire Kettle: $700.00
Basic Stand for all Kettles: $125.00
Powder Coated Deluxe Stand: $550.00
Stainless Steel Fire Poker: $20.00

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